Historian systems allow for tracking and reporting critical process information. Historians can provide access to valuable real-time production data and process information for management to monitor and evaluate.

Choosing a systems integrator to implement your historian system is critical, and ACICO has the expertise and experience across several diverse platforms to deliver a tailored data historian solution for your requirements. From building a unique report to plant-wide historian implementations, ACICO’s experts have your historical data system needs covered.

ACICO’s historian services include the following:

  • Historian tag configuration
  • Historian communications setup
  • Testing
  • Operator training for historians
  • Installing and configuring historian software including ProcessBook, PI server, and Excel add-ins
  • Programming clients
  • Configuring reports to display important trend data
  • InfoPlus.21
  • PHD

• FactoryTalk 

• Wonderware InSQL

• ExaQuantum