Legacy System Migration

Upgrading your legacy control system is a major decision, not to mention a major investment. When our clients decide that it’s the right time to upgrade or migrate their control system, they trust Champion to plan, execute, and commission the project.

When it comes to executing a legacy system migration or upgrade, implementing the most appropriate and reliable solution is our number one priority. Our clients know that when they work with Champion, they will receive a platform-independent solution that yields the highest return on their investment. We understand the industries, the platforms, and the various processes that make their business unique.

With expertise in every legacy and modern control system, we are able to provide the best migration or upgrade solution for your needs.

With Champion’s proven approach, our clients are able to scale their systems as they grow, making their control system investment viable for many years by increasing reliability and performance, maximizing production and reducing maintenance costs.



We’ve completed the following legacy migrations:

• S5
• APACS+ (Moore)
• TI-505 (Texas Instruments)

• PLC2
• PLC3
• PLC5
• ProcessLogix

• TDC-2000/3000
• SCAN 3000
• Plantscape

• Rosemount RS3
• Rosemount Provox

• Foxboro I/A

• Modicon 484
• Modicon 984
• Modicon Compact
• SQD Symax

• GE 90-30
• GE 90-70

• Bailey Infi 90