ACICO’s Training

When ACICO’s Training t comes to training on a new control system installation, or even an old one, the usual choices are between several different classes provided by the manufacturer. Quite often, manufacturers offer separate classes to address each different component or capability of a product and even more courses for people of different skill levels.

Many times, the lower skill level classes are a pre-requisite for the higher level classes. Unfortunately, each class usually ranges from 3-5 days and is held at an out-of-city, or out-of-state location, resulting in significant travel expenses.

These highly-specific courses at various locations might not meet the needs of your staff, costing you time and money, but they also create the uncertainty that your staff might not know what you need them to know.

ACICO’s Training Approach

We often find that our customers want broad training on many different aspects of their specific control system and all of its pieces and parts. This is exactly what we do!

ACICO customizes training to applications directly related to your company’s unique control system and process. We develop a custom agenda with your goals and control system in mind. We even share our plans with you before assembling course materials for your team so that you know exactly what we’ll cover and what your team will learn!

Bonus: The engineers who conduct training courses are the engineers who are experts in the system and, if you’re an existing customer, they have most likely worked on your system in the past.

We also customize training for varying skill levels. If you’ve got a group of various skill levels, we are able to tailor our approach for them.

All trainings are held locally, so your team can go home for the evening and return to our office for the next session.

Available Courses

  • Yokogawa Training
    •  Yokogawa Centum VP configuration and maintenance
    •  ProSafe-RS configuration and maintenance
    • STARDOM and FAST/TOOLS  configuration and maintenance
  • Allen Bradley, Modicon, TI, Siemens, GE and ScadaPack Training
    • PLC configuration and maintenance
  • Emerson DeltaV Training
    • Fieldbus design, troubleshooting and configuration
  • Honeywell Experion PKS Training
    • Honeywell DCS operations, maintenance and configuration
  • Foundation Fieldbus Training
    • Fieldbus design, troubleshooting and configuration
  • Siemens Training
    • PCS7, Step 7, WinCC
  •  Custom Courses